Collapsible 60cm risers, specially designed for the BT-EASYSTAGE-1x1M   

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Supporto per piattaforma mobile pieghevole, appositamente progettato per il BT-EASYSTAGE-1x1M, altezza 60 cm.

Collapsible risers, specially designed for the BT-EASYSTAGE-1x1M, height 60 cm.

Support pour plateforme mobile repliables, spécialement conçues pour le BT-EASYSTAGE-1x1 M, hauteur 60 cm.

Dati tecnici

- Collapsible risers, specially designed for the BT-EASYSTAGE-1x1M
- One person can quickly assemble a complete stage in no time!
- Available in 3 different heights, this one can be used for a stage with height 60cm.
- Perfect for mobile stages (rental companies):

  • Compact for transport: 726x160x160mm
  • Weight: only 4,5 kg !!!
General : Weight (kg) 4.5
General : Color black
Stand & Truss : min. height (cm) 60
Stand & Truss : max. height (cm) 60