B03480 - BT-TRUSS H-FRAME BLK 750X415

Aluminium H-frame - 750x415   

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Aluminium H-frame 750x415mm. The aluminum ‘H’ Frame a perfect tool to fix all kinds of projectors and moving lights to truss.

Cadre en H en aluminium, 750x415 mm. Le cadre en H en aluminium est l’outil idéal pour fixer toutes sortes de projecteurs et d’éclairages mobiles

Dati tecnici

Several frames can be linked together to create a ladder with multiple levels to install your fixtures.
Each H-frame has standard 48 mm tube diameter and is fitted with four female conical connectors. (Male couplers not included.)
Powder painted satin black finish to reduce the visibility of the frame in your setup.
Slots to easily fix safety cables are provided.
Size: 0,75m wide x  0,415m height, also available with a height = 1 m
Dimensions: 750 x 415 x 49 mm
SWL: 200 kg
Weight: 2,2 kg