B03483 - BT-TRUSS T-DROP ARM BLK 450X195

T- Drop arm: BLACK ALU tube - 450 x 195   

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Braccio in alluminio a "T" rovesciata per fissare facilmente tutti i tipi di proiettori e luci mobili al traliccio. Dimensioni: 450 x 195 mm.
"T" drop aluminum arm to easily fix all types of projectors and moving lights to the truss. Dimensions: 450 x 195 mm.
Bras en forme de T en aluminium pour une fixation facile de tous les types de projecteurs et de lyres. Dimensions : 450 x 195 mm.

Dati tecnici

  • With this aluminum ‘T’ DROP ARM you can easily fix all kinds of projectors and moving lights to truss
  • While adding truss tubes (BT-TRUSS TUBE) with different lengths you can mount your equipment at different heights
  • Each ‘T’ DROP ARM has standard 48 mm tube diameter and is fitted with a female conical connector (male coupler not included)
  • Powder painted satin black finish to reduce the visibility of the ‘T’ DROP ARM in your setup
  • Slots to easily fix safety cables are provided
  • Size: 0.450 m wide x 0.195 m height, also available with a height = 0.445 cm
  • S WL: 100 kg
  • Weight: 0.875 kg
  • Also a version with thru connector is available